Quitting These 5 Habits Can Protect You From Heart Attacks


A hundred years ago people probably thought that we’d have dealt with all diseases by the year 2020. And with all the amazing technology at our disposal, it’s almost weird that we haven’t.

People do die, however, and from a vast host of different causes. Respiratory diseases, dementia and Alzheimer’s, diabetes, road accidents, tuberculosis, and the biggest killer of them all – cardiovascular diseases.

Heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases are responsible for ~647,000 Americans dying every year. And for the lucky few who survive their cardiovascular problems, the treatment costs amount to about $219 billion each year.

Those statistics become even more dire when we look at the elderly and their main causes of death. Between the ages of 60 and 79, a staggering 70.2% of men and 70.9% of women die from cardiovascular diseases. For people between the age of 40 and 59, those percentages are 40% and 34.4% respectively and for people of ages 80+, it’s 83% for men and 87.1% for women.

The various reasons and causes are well documented but the question remains – what should people do to lower those percentages? Or, maybe a better question would be – what should we stop doing?

We’re going to skip the obvious dietary recommendations. We all know that we should avoid unhealthy fats and processed foods, we should reduce the sodium (salt) we consume, and that we should eat more vegetables and fruits.

But it’s worth wondering – while we’re working on our dietary preferences, are there some other habits we should deal with as well?

1. Staying indoors

A lot of the technological marvels and discoveries of the last several decades have turned us into couch potatoes. Not to mention that the current coronavirus pandemic isn’t helping in that regard either. All this has the nasty side-effect of limiting the time we spend outdoors.

A recent study published in the Current Epidemiology Reports has determined that even just spending time in nature reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and ischemic heart diseases.

So, while spending time home may be fun, staying indoors for too long may be one habit that we should limit.


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