Five most-watched movies after the coronavirus outbreak


While there have been many relaxations in the coronavirus-induced lockdown, it would be a while before things go back to normal or a new normal.

The new normal refers to a world in which many things we do may change for good even if the lockdown is completely lifted. For instance, we are now more careful about human contact and the surfaces we touch. Even our movie-viewing habits have changed due to the outbreak. Wish to know how?

According to, these are the five most-watched movies on streaming services in India after the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Contagion: Amazon Prime Video

Steven Soderbergh directorial Contagion was about the spread of a virus which causes a dangerous disease, the attempts by medical experts and authorities to contain it, and the subsequent social disarray. Sounds familiar? The movie shares other uncanny similarities as well. It is not too big a surprise that Contagion, released in 2011, was the most-watched movie after the outbreak. Before it, Contagion was just a critically-acclaimed pandemic movie most had forgotten.


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