10 Popular Hindu Temples in America You should Visit


           America is a country proud of its cultural diversity and among them lies many Hindus. India, being the second largest populated country and America having many Indian migrants. There were 2.69 million Hindu citizens in America according to the national poll statistics from 2008 and According to the research done by the Pew Research Institute in 2016, the number reduced to 2.1 million, but this figure still represents 0.4% of the entire American population.


          Hence, it is even more likely that there are many Hindu temples in America (USA). There are 254 Hindu temples in America in 37 states.


Here is the list of 10 most popular Hindu Temples in America.

10. The Akshardham Temple, New Jersey

The Akshardham Temple in New Jersey. The temple is situated at Robbinsville, New Jersey. With the height of 42 feet, width 87 feet, and length 133 feet, it one of the biggest Hindu temples not only in America but the whole world. It is now open to the public after its construction finished in 2017.



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