14 Health Care Costs Set to Explode Under Trump


It’s not fake news: Your health care might be in serious trouble.


The American Health Care Act has cleared one major hurdle, the House, on its way to becoming law. If it manages to survive the Senate and be signed by President Donald Trump, Trumpcare would replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as the primary health care law in the country. That would mean big tax cuts for some people. For others, especially in certain states, it would mean big changes to what your insurance provides and what you can afford.


What we’re faced with is the possibility of tens of millions of people being left without coverage. Even more, funding for Medicare and Medicaid could be cut. The Senate has promised to work on its own version of the law, but in its current form Trumpcare would be fairly destructive.


An analysis of the American Health Care Act from the Center for American Progress gives us an idea of what to expect. And it isn’t pretty.


“Based on our analysis, we estimate that individuals with even relatively mild pre-existing conditions would pay thousands of dollars above standard rates to obtain coverage,” the analysis said. “Coverage could become prohibitively expensive for those in dire need of care: Insurers would charge about $17,320 more in premiums for pregnancy, $26,580 more for rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, and $142,650 more for patients with metastatic cancer.”


If you have one of the following relatively common health issues, the analysis shows surcharges could explode. And if you’re hoping to start a family anytime soon, No. 14 on this list might have you rethinking that decision.

1. Metastatic cancer

If you’re diagnosed with metastatic cancer, you could be looking at an incredible surcharge increase of 3,500%. In sheer dollars and cents, that’s more than $142,000. Metastatic cancer is a type of cancer in which the cancerous cells actually travel throughout the body and form tumors far from where they originated. This is typically what we call stage 4 cancer.


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