9 Worst to best Airlines in America


Virgin America retains its crown as America’s best airline for the fourth consecutive year, based on performance data from 2015, amid broad improvements in the airline industry, though it will soon surrender its independence.

Coming alongside the news Monday morning that its board had agreed to accept a $2.6 billion bid from fifth-ranked Alaska Air, this year’s edition of the Airline Quality Rating report found that Virgin had declined in three of the four criteria considered, but still ranked first on the strength of the lowest mishandled baggage rate in the industry, and the third-lowest rate of involuntary denied boardings.

#9 ExpressJet

2015 Rank : 11

On-Time Arrivals: 0.779

Denied Boardings: 1,86 per 10,000 passengers

Mishandled Baggage: 5,86 per 1,000 passengers

Customer Complaints: 0.62 per 100,000 passengers


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